Work Packages

These are the Work Packages for the PAVR project with links to show the state of play. Completed tasks are marked *.

WP Topic Tasks Deliverables Co-ordinator
WP1 Specification T1 D0* Bath
WP2 Capture technologies T2, T4 D1, D5, D11 EPFL
WP3 Immersive interaction T5, T6 D2, D4 EMN
WP4 Facial interaction T7, T8 D6, D17, D18, D19 UG
WP5 Dynamic simulation T3, T9, T10 D3, D7, D8, D9 UJF
WP6 Networks T11 D10 LUC
WP7 Workshop organisation T12 D16* Sie
WP8 Keyframing T13 D12, D13, D14, D15 Glasgow