Draft Minutes of PAVR Management Meeting
Hosted by Institute for Computer Graphics, TU Vienna and Imagination, Vienna. April 5th 2001

Professor Philip Willis (U Bath), John Patterson, Sylvain Brugnot, Francisco Rodriguez, Steffen Schmitz (U Glasgow), Professor Frank Van Reeth (Limburgs UT), Dr Francisco Perales, Johan Claes (U Balears), Pascal Volino (U Geneva) Professor Werner Purgathofer, Allesandro Artusi, Christian Faisstnauer, (TU Vienna), Klaus Dorfmüller, Alex Staller, Kristian Spoerer, Michael Gervautz (Imagination), Jean-Dominique Gascuel (U J-F Grenoble), Ik Soo Lim (EPFL).

Jean-Daniel Fekete (E des Mines, Nantes), Bruno Arnaldi (INRIA/IRSA Rennes)

1. Welcome
The coordinator welcomed all the participants.

2. Adoption of Minutes
The minutes of the meeting at Lausanne September 28-29 2000 were accepted.

3. Matters Arising from the Minutes
Item 3, Organise WP3 meeting, J-D F: Not done

4. Review of Appointments
The following sites confirmed extended appointments or made new appointments as in the following table:

Glasgow Francisco Rodriguez 1-10-00 30-10-01 Yes
Limburgs Domingo   Yes
UIB Johan Claes   Yes
Imagination Klaus Dorfmüller 1-12-00 30-10-01  
Alex Staller 1-8-00 30-10-01  
Kristian Spoerer 2-10-00 30-11-00  
Alessandro Artusi1-06-01 31-10-01  
TU Vienna Alessandro Artusi1-09-00 31-05-01  
Christian Faisstnauer1-12-00 31-10-01 Yes
U J-F Grenoble Michael Winmer 1-8-00 30-1-01  
Peter Wonka 1-8-00 30-1-01  
E des Mines Nantes Domingo Peranguez 1-9-00 7 months  
Gaero Rocha 1-5-01 31-8-01  

Actions: Ecole des Mines, Nantes and INRIA to report on recruiting and value to the network, including full details of attempts to recruit, to Agnes Robin (notwithstanding the above) Action: J-D F & BA

5. Review of progress

5.1 PAVR Mobility
The following mobility figures were agreed:

5/4/01     BudgetRevised
Exported by1998199920002001MobilityEU MM%New MM%
Glasgow  0.02020.06033.339820.41
Imagination  01313.02454.1731.541.27
EMN  000.0  120
UG     480  
TU Vienna5.56.00415.554297620
INRIA    0.0480130
LUC 2.010.0618.034536229

Revised = (figure to be agreed from man-month spreadsheet)
% = mobility from your site as a proportion of your man-months

5.2 Progress on deliverables
2 PhD student of J-D F due to submit on time on nonphotorealistic animation
10 Delay completion date to year 5, but will complete then.
11 Expect to complete on time. Balears will contribute to D11.
15 Expect to complete on time

5.3 Annual Report
The following errors in partners' cost statements have been reported:

Site Overhead claimed Should be Comments
Imagination   Suppl. statement should be in Schillings
Ecole des Mines  No overheads calculated
TU Wien  Amount of 6250.20 ATS not explained, required
Balears17.5% 17% 

Bath made adjustments to the cost statements (update returned to partners at this meeting). Glasgow does not appear to have understood position on agreed overhead rate.

Electronic summaries are to go to everyone. Action PJW

Administrative overhead needs to be calculated against actual spend. This may cause O/H readjustment. Action PJW

Partners are requested to give short reports on activities, only a singe para needed for next time. Action: ALL

6. Budget Matters
PAVR: reassignment of budget April 2001 until October 31st, as at 5/4/01.

 BudgetTotal spentBalance MMUnit costMMMM extraMM extraMMNew MMNew%
  (end Oct 00)Rem'g contract 
   against   200020012001 2001  
 euroeuroeuro euro      euro 
Admin500002714422856       50000100
TU Vienna212774217594-482054394057109-2222319161150
Sie balance106635  35304700035-3500
19997891127077766077581 288.5538855.5-55.5176425088

MM extra = man-months used since previous column
MM = man-months

New predicted underspend MM = 55.5 (10%)
New budget = total new man-months x unit cost (actual to 31 Mar; predicted to 31 Oct)
New predicted underspend = 191030 (10%)
Expected underspend = 235539 (11.8%)
Predicted under MM = shortfall of man-months at project end
Predicted underspend = shortfall of euro at project end, in proportion to man-months
Expected underspend = total original budget - total new budget
Sie. Balance = the residue after we allocated part to Imagination

7. Workgroup reports
WP8: JWP Joint paper in hand. JWP to circulate URLs:

Anthropics: http://www,anthropics.com (should try with ../stalin)
Circusweb: http://www.circusweb.org (info on CIRCUS conference and other things of possible interest to PAVR members)
Vegasqueen: http://www.vegasqueen.com (nice dynamic website using pseudo streaming video)
Action JWP - done

8. Next meeting, end October 2001
Provisional dates: 25-26th October 2001. To be held at Bath.
Action: Anna Beria for the meeting.
Action: ALL for Final Report.

9. Any Other Business
Chris Faisstnauer travel outside EU. Chris has been to the USA twice (DISRT 2000, UART 2000) and Taiwan CG 98. Can he claim retrospectively for this travel? Action: PJW to investigate