Summary of Actions Arising

Platform for Animation and Virtual Reality Minutes of Management Meeting

October 21/22, IRISA (Rennes)


1. Welcome

The coordinator welcomed the participants.

2. Minutes of previous meeting

The minutes of the meeting held in Glasgow on April 22, 1999 were approved.

3. Matters arising from minutes


4. Review of appointments

New appointments / changes

Currently, vacancies are open at Grenoble (1), UIB (1), EMN (1) and Bath (1).

Man-months figures

Number of man-months delivered and committed since start of PAVR at date of meeting (36 months): Action -> PJW to check about non-EU researchers who can be employed.

5. Review of Progress

Project Extension

The Commission has agreed to a 12 month extension to the project.  The next tranche of funding has been received by Bath (12 months late).

Rate of expenditure

Action -> all sites are required to complete cost statements on the official form by mid-November in order to obtain the next tranche (specify in Euros and local currency) and send Phil an estimate of expenditure as soon as possible.

Action -> all sites to send progress report by November 15th to PJW who will compile final report.

6. Work groups reports

Action -> Sumedha to circulate cover sheet for deliverable reports

Action -> PJW to check with Anna about reports (motion capture)

Work packages meeting took place at Eurographics Conference 1999: WP8 paper, organisation paper from PJW.

WP2 (Capture technologies)

Amaury Aubel (EPFL) was replaced by Lim to work on capture technologies.

WP3 (Immersive interaction)

EMN are still looking for a researcher. Geneva is nearly finished: D6 should be completed by the end of this year.

Action -> Geneva to send report to PJW.

WP5 (Dynamic simulation)

Grenoble will host next meeting in March or April; J-DG spent 2 weeks at Imagination; PAVRML has been extended; personnel still not found; have contacts with company using PAVRML.

Ganymedia works with Grenoble on D7 (deformation of objects). D7 is one year ahead of schedule.

WP6 (networks)

D10 is renamed "Demonstration of 2D animation" and moved to WP8.

Action -> Anna to update Deliverables list (including statement of completion) and e-mail all sites for corrections.

WP8 (Keyframing)

Glasgow hosted a technical meeting on 22/4/99; PJW, MF, SB, FL and WP held a technical meeting in Milan on 10/9/99 and are currently preparing several publications.  Deliverables: D13 and D14 have been completed, D15 is due next year.

7. Mobility of Researchers

PJW reminded the participants that exchanges should last approximately one month

8. Commercial partners to replace Siemens

Company B (Germany) had turned down invitation to join.  Imagination (represented by M. Gervautz) and Ganymedia (represented by J-D. Gascuel) were still willing to join.

PJW suggested that taking on 2 or 3 companies could help relieve pressure on some sites.

J-DG asked about EC constraints: could only postdocs be employed? Could non-French people be employed (recruiting non-nationals is difficult)? PJW reminded the participants that the main goal of TMR projects is mobility and that the rules have to be followed: people must be employed in a country other than that of origin. Exchanges must take place in a country other than that of residence.

J-DG was planning to subcontract Ganymedia using overhead money (up to 17% of funds) and to employ two people (one of which would be funded by PAVR).

Action -> PJW and J-DG to check rules about subcontracting other companies.

Everybody agreed to Ganymedia and Imagination joining PAVR.  Androme (represented by F. Van Reeth) and WInteractive (not represented) remained on hold as some sites anticipated not finding suitable postdocs.  PJW agreed that in as much as they used PAVR technology, subcontracting may be possible.

No change announced for Turing Institute (not represented).

Action -> PJW to get information from JWP about participation of Turing Institute.

Action -> PJW to circulate a "best bet" package for companies.

PJW reckoned that contract could start by January 1st.

9. UIB's contractual position

Following Josep Blat's transfer to Barcelona, there was no scientist-in-charge at UIB. From a contractual viewpoint, it might be possible to remove them from the project altogether, but Johan is still working there.  Another solution would be to downgrade UIB's role and decide that no additional WP or Deliverable will be expected from them.

So far, 26 man-months have been delivered (out of 76), and another 24 are available for next year. It was suggested to reduce the site's overall commitment (EU-funded) to 50. Remaining man-months could be transferred to other sites.  Johan's contract ends in August 2000 but could be extended for another year.

PJW asked which sites relied on UIB's work.  UIB was not committed to any deliverable but was involved in D15 (WP8) with LUC.

Action -> PJW to check with EC about changing UIB's status.

10. Next meeting

It was agreed that the next meeting would take place in Grenoble in 6 months' time.

Action -> J-DG and all sites to agree on date and time.

11. Any Other Business


22/10/1999 Work Groups report

(technical issues)

Joint Papers

Too few joint papers have been (or are being) written to date.

So far:

In progress: Planned: Total: 11 papers planned

Action -> all sites to get EMN to write a paper.
All sites are reminded to give credits to EC, and are invited to expand the scope of their research.

Commercial Partners (technical involvement)


market: public institutions (museums, etc.), Interactive VR (e.g. mirror demos). These areas fit into: Collaboration is also envisaged with Bath and Glasgow on extraction.


Connections with:


Connections with: Strong links exist with Androme: recording, free-form deformation between keyframes, simulation system, input.
JDG points out that the deliverables that involved Siemens should be either added, amended or dropped. 

22/10/1999 WP8 Technical Meeting

Current Research




Action List