, April 16, 1998, 9.30 am - Sala de Reunions
Anselm Turmeda Building


  1. Welcome, introductions and departure times.
  2. Minutes of previous meeting.
    Held at Nantes, October 2, 1997.
  3. Matters arising from the minutes.
    Check actions have been completed.
  4. Review of appointments
    Please report on new appointments made, any interviews arranged, further recruiting initiatives, etc. [Check the timescale of the project and the number of person-months you have available and report whether you expect to meet the deliverables on time].
  5. Review of progress
    Commission's reaction to Annual Report. Financial repercussions.
  6. Working Group reports (technical meetings)
    WP co-ordinators to report on meetings that have already taken place and those that are planned.
  7. WP	Topic	          Tasks        Deliverables   Co-ordinators
    WP2 Capture technologies  T2, T4       D1,D5,D11         EPFL:    TM
    WP3 Immersive interaction T5, T6       D2,D4             EMN:     J-DF
    WP4 Facial interaction    T7, T8       D6,D17,D18,D19    Sie:     CM
    WP5 Dynamic simulation    T3, T9, T10  D3,D7,D8,D9       UJF:     J-DG
    WP6 Networks              T11          D10               LUC:     FVR
    WP7 Workshop organisation T12          D16               Sie:     ??
    WP8 Keyframing            T13          D12,D13,D14,D15   Glasgow: JP
    The forthcoming Eurographics event will take place in Lisbon on August 31st-September 4th. This might be a useful meeting point for the Working Groups.
  8. Date of next meetings
    John Patterson has kindly offered to host the mid-term review meeting in Glasgow at the end of August, exact date to be agreed.
  9. Any other business