Hosted by EPFL, Lausanne on September 27, 2000.



Agree date of next management meeting


  • Check whether J-CN's paper has been received and confirm to JP
  • Draw up and circulate updated list of deliverables
  • Prepare up-to-date forecast of man/month information
  • Circulate Excel version of cost statement forms


Organize WP3 meeting

All sites

  • Send electronic copies/URLs of all new joint papers
  • Send contribution for Annual Report to the Commission asap and, where applicable, cost statements
  • Let PJW know within the next 2-3 weeks all planned exchanges for the next six months


University of Bath

Phil Willis, Project Coordinator & Scientist-in-charge
Anna Beria, Administrative Assistant

University of Glasgow

John Patterson, Scientist-in-charge
Steffen Schmitz (late arrival)

EPFL, Lausanne

Ik Soo Lim

Ecole des Mines, Nantes

Jean-Daniel Fekete, Scientist-in-charge
Domingo Martin Perandres

University of Geneva

Pascal Volino

TU, Vienna

Werner Purgathofer, Scientist-in-charge
Christian Faisstnauer
Alessandro Artusi
Alexander Wilkie

Imagination, Vienna

Michael Gervautz, Scientist-in-charge

IRISA, Rennes

Thierry Duval

UIB, Mallorca

Johan Claes

LUC, Diepenbeek

Frank Van Reeth, Scientist-in-charge

 iMAGIS, Grenoble

Jean-Dominique Gascuel, Scientist-in-charge

Apologies: Steffen Schmitz (Glasgow) had been delayed in Brussels.

1. Welcome, introductions and times constraints.

The meeting started at 14.15 and was chaired by Phil Willis, who welcomed the participants, in particular Thierry Duval (IRISA, Rennes) who takes over from Remi Cozot the day-to-day running of the project, and the new recruits: Steffen Schmitz (Glasgow); Domingo M. Perandres (EMN); Alexander Wilkie and Alessandro Artusi (TU-Vienna).  Time constraints for the following day were noted.

2. Minutes of previous meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting (iMAGIS, Grenoble) were adopted unamended.  The agenda of the meeting was also adopted.  Under point 9. (AOB) arrangements for the technical meeting the next day would be discussed.

3. Matters arising from minutes

The summary of actions arising was checked.  All actions had been completed.

Anna had received a few papers in electronic form (or their URL) but could not confirm whether Jean-Christophe Nebel's was among them.  On the subject of project-related publications, the chair suggested that joint papers already published could be included in the list even if PAVR was not expressly mentioned.  If they had not yet been published, PAVR funding should ideally be acknowledged.
Action: AB, All sites

The coordinator was able to report that the situation at UIB had been improving with the appointment of a new Scientist-in-Charge, Prof. Francisco Perales, whom he was hoping to meet in the near future.

4. Review of appointments

LUC reported a new appointment - Tomeu Mir - who had started in mid January and had been working full-time from February.
At Glasgow, Jean-Christophe Nebel had officially left the project on 1st June and Steffen Schmitz had joined on the same date.  A further PhD student, Francisco Xavier Rodriguez Miguel would start on 1st October for a period of six months.
No change was reported at Geneva.  Pascal Volino pointed out that the site's deliverables had all been delivered.
Idem EPFL.
EMN had finally succeeded in recruiting a researcher, Domingo Martin, who would start officially on 1st October for a period of six months.  Jean-Daniel Fekete had taken over as Scientist-in-charge from Gerard Hegron.
No changes at IRISA, Rennes.
At Bath, Maurizio Scotti had left the project in July and no new appointments had been made.
UJF reported that Peter Wonka and Michael Wimmer had joined the project from Vienna on 1 August until end January 2001
Imagination had successfully recruited Alexander Staller on 1/2 time from 1st August and full time from 1st September.  A further PhD student, Kristian Spoerer, was due to start on 1st October.
At TU-Vienna, Chris Faisstnauer would stay on until the end of the project.  Alessandro Artusi had been recruited from 1st September for a period of 14 months.  A candidate for an additional PAVR-funded post, Klaus Dorfmueller (D), would either be employed by either TU-Vienna or Imagination. Alexander Wilkie was working for the project as site-funded researcher.
UIB had finally renewed Johan Claes' contract, but no other researcher would be hired.

Thus, the appointment situation was as follows:



Post-doctoral posts

PhD posts

University of Bath, UK



University of Glasgow, UK


Sylvain Brugnot [FR]
Steffen Schmitz [DE]
Francisco Miguel [ES]

EMN , Nantes, FR


Domingo Martin [ES]

EPFL, Lausanne, CH


Ik Soo Lim

University of Geneva, CH


Pascal Volino

TU Vienna, AT


Chris Faisstnauer [IT]
Alessandro Artusi [IT]



Alexander Staller [DE]
Kristian Spoerer [UK]

UJF, Grenoble, FR


Peter Wonka
Michael Wimmer




UIB, Mallorca, ES


Johan Claes

LUC, Limburg, BE


Tomeu Mir


Werner Purgathofer stated his readiness to recruit additional researchers, but since Vienna's personnel budget had already been overspent by the allowable 50%, further direct recruitments were not possible.  He proposed employing some of the researchers in other sites to be seconded back to TU-Vienna or ask the Commission for permission to redistribute funds from underspending sites.  It was agreed that this issue was best discussed and resolved after the meeting.

5. Review of progress: deliverables, annual report

5.1 The list of deliverables was reviewed and an updated list would be drawn up and circulated.  Werner Purgathofer noted that there were no deliverables left on the original list that could be tackled by his team.  He suggested that three new but related deliverables might be added.  It was agreed that this issue would be discussed after the meeting.
Action: AB

5.2 The coordinator asked the participants to ensure that all contributions and cost statements for this year's report be forwarded as soon as possible as delays have an adverse impact on the release of funds by the Commission.  Anna to circulate Excel versions of cost statement forms, as available.
Action: AB, All sites

6. Work Group reports

WP4 had been completed.  WP8 (Bath, LUC and Glasgow) had met in Limburg in May.  No other meetings had taken place, but WP3 (Immersive interaction) was planning a meeting following the recruitment of Domingo Martin at EMN.
Action: J-DF

7. Mobility of researchers

The project's mobility record was discussed.  Some of the planned exchanges had not taken place.  The chair reminded the meeting that researcher mobility was a key requirement of the project and urged all principals to let him know within the next 2-3 weeks all planned exchanges for the next six months.  He suggested that the offer of accommodation on the part of the recipient site might encourage researchers to spend time away.  A man/month forecast to the end of project was also required, based on the current recruitment situation.
Action: AB, All scientists-in-charge

8.   Date and place of next meeting

Imagination offered to host the next management meeting, to be held in March 2001.  Exact dates TBA.
Action: PJW, MG

9. A.O.B.
It was agreed that the technical meeting would start the next morning at 9.30 and the technical points for discussion were agreed.

The formal meeting closed at 15.15.