Geneva June 4th 1997 10am


  1. Welcome, introductions and departure times.
  2. Minutes of previous meeting.
    Held at Limburg, February 18th 1997.
  3. Matters arising from the minutes.
    Check actions have been completed.
    Revised workplan details and EC contractual position.
    (Conclusions of the two sub-groups, reported as addenda to the LUC minutes, will be dealt with under Project Demonstrator, below)
  4. Review of appointments
    Please report which appointments you have made, what interviews are arranged etc. Check the timescale of the project and the number of person-months you have available and report whether you expect meet the deliverables on time.
  5. Project demonstrator
    At the previous meeting (LUC), we spent some time divided into two sub-groups, considering how best to approach the required demonstrator. We must now take a firm decision how to proceed.
  6. Technical meetings
    It has been agreed that we will make faster progress by holding smaller Technical meetings, centring on the WPs, separately from the main PAVR progress/Review meetings. These should be convened by the WP co-ordinator. They can be less formal than the other meetings, attended by the relevant post-docs and PhD students where desirable, with the only aim being to progress the scientific work. Please will the co-ordinators report on which meetings have happened or are scheduled.
    WP  Topic                 Tasks        Deliverables       Co-ordinator
    WP1 Specification         T1           D0                 Bath
    WP2 Capture technologies  T2, T4       D1, D5, D11        EPFL
    WP3 Immersive interaction T5, T6       D2, D4             EMN
    WP4 Facial interaction    T7, T8       D6, D17, D18, D19  Sie
    WP5 Dynamic simulation    T3, T9, T10  D3, D7, D8, D9     UJF
    WP6 Networks              T11          D10                LUC
    WP7 Workshop organisation T12          D16                Sie
    WP8 Keyframing            T13          D12, D13, D14, D15 Glasgow
  7. Date of next meetings
    Gerard Hegron has kindly agreed to host the Progress meeting at EMN (September/October 1997). We need to agree the exact date. Please note that we will need to have the EC annual progress report, the update to the EC database report and a statistical summary ready before that meeting. It must be with the EC by October 31st. We need to agree a venue for the April 1998 meeting: please volunteer your site!
  8. Any other business