[picture of a Bass Clef] A catalogue of the musical output of John ffitch.

A Biography of the Composer can be found here if anyone needs it.

Unperformed works have titles in italics

Some of these are also available on SoundCloud.

Drums and Different Canons

This is a series of pieces all based on chaotic oscilations. The first two are pure tape, number 4 is built from Richard Boulanger's Trapped in Convert and number 5 uses environmental samples.
#11994Drums and Different Canons #1 Tape7m
#22000StalactiteTape 7m 37s
#32001For Connie Piano3m 50s
#42002Unbounded Space Tape 6m 50s
#52003/4Charles á Nuit Tape5m 02s
#62010Universal Algebra4-track tape5m 22s
#72011-14Se'nnight 2D surround Tape 13m 40s

Other Tape Works

1994CollageTape1m 50s
1996Half a BeastTape 1m
1997Sing the WorldTape 16m 11s
1998GaloshoplopogosTape 4m
1998RoborTape10m 40s
2000Chant/No RangeTape 6m 12s
2000TanzMechanischTape 3m 17s
2000As One Door OpensTape 4m
2001DixTape 3m 10s
2002Remembering Cubbon Park in the Season of MonsoonTape7m 15s
2002Remembering MoneyTape 1m 23s
2002Money-go-roundTape 2m 05s
2003Different TramsTape 3m 45s
2009A Nother QuarterTape 4m 43s
2009-10MarchiennaiseTape1m 05s
2011PranTape3m 37s
2012Wedding on 2012 06 23Tape2m 20s
2013Boston SkyTape0m 33s
2014Steve's RiffTape3m 15s
2014Ny100Tape2m 45s
2015A Beastly EtudeTape1m 00s

Other Formats

1964/97For FabiennePiano2m 21s
2000/2001String Quartet2Vn1Va1Vc13m 03s
2004Remembering Cubbon Park in the Time of MonsoonTape and Bansuri9m 10s

Works in Progress

1994- Deepest Red tape
2004- Bells across...tape

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