[picture of a Bass Clef] A catalogue of the musical output of John ffitch.

A Biography of the Composer can be found here if anyone needs it.

Unperformed works have titles in italics

Drums and Different Canons

This is a series of pieces all based on chaotic oscilations. The first two are pure tape, number 4 is built from Richard Boulanger's Trapped in Convert and number 5 uses environmental samples.
#11994Drums and Different Canons #1 Tape7m
#22000StalactiteTape 7m 37s
#32001For Connie Piano3m 50s
#42002Unbounded Space Tape 6m 50s
#52003/4Charles á Nuit Tape5m 02s
#62010Universal Algebra4-track tape5m 22s
#72011-14Sennight 2D surround Tape 13m 40s

Other Tape Works

1994CollageTape1m 50s
1996Half a BeastTape 1m
1997Sing the WorldTape 16m 11s
1998GaloshoplopogosTape 4m
1998RoborTape10m 40s
2000Chant/No RangeTape 6m 12s
2000TanzMechanischTape 3m 17s
2000As One Door OpensTape 4m
2001DixTape 3m 10s
2002Remembering Cubbon Park in the Season of MonsoonTape7m 15s
2002Remembering MoneyTape 1m 23s
2002Money-go-roundTape 2m 05s
2003Different TramsTape 3m 45s
2009A Nother QuarterTape 4m 43s
2009-10MarchiennaiseTape1m 05s
2011PranTape3m 37s
2012Wedding on 2012 06 23Tape2m 20s
2013Boston SkyTape0m 33s
2014Steve's RiffTape3m 15s
2014Ny100Tape2m 45s

Other Formats

1964/97For FabiennePiano2m 21s
2000/2001String Quartet2Vn1Va1Vc13m 03s
2004Remembering Cubbon Park in the Time of MonsoonTape and Bansuri9m 10s

Works in Progress

1994- Deepest Red tape
2004- Bells across...tape

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