Discretionary task interleaving
Skimming and searching the Web
Following instructions
The cost of information access
Other work

This site contains information about my research and academic interests, current projects, and publications.

I am currently employed as a Research Officer at the University of Bath working with Hilary Johnson on the Trust Economics project. Prior to moving to Bath in 2009, I worked at the School of Psychology, Cardiff University and at Manchester Business School which is part of the University of Manchester.

My research interests span across Cognitive Psychology, Cognitive Science and Human-Computer Interaction. I am interested in the way that people choose to allocate their time and resources to achieve their goals and also in the way that people react and adjust their behaviour in response to information technologies such as the Web.

More detail on the individual projects is available by clicking on the links to the left. Most of the work described on this site has been carried out in conjunction with either Stephen Payne or Andrew Howes.