Workshop 3

Publishing and querying data

Workshop cancelled...

... instead, the DM4T team are visiting various TEDDINET projects to evaluate their hands-on experience of the MetaMaker tool prototype (see video in Outputs drop-down), gather requirements and observe data preservation practice. Reports will appear on this web site as the visits take place. First visit scheduled for mid-May.

What's it about?

The topic of the third DM4T workshop - on March 28th+29th in Bath - is how to make your project's data discoverable and queryable on the web with the minimum of effort.

Following on from workshop 2 on data formats and tools (see, DM4T has been evaluating tools on some published (i.e. "legacy") TEDDI project datasets, typically starting from CSV or MySQL, in order to identify effective ways to:

  1. synthesize metadata
  2. associate semantic tags with literal data
  3. transform CSV datasets into semantic databases
  4. process semantic queries (using SPARQL) across one or more datasets
  5. produce analyses using popular tools like Matlab and R

More detailed descriptions of the above are available via the Outputs link above.

The goal of this workshop is to help you to use these tools on your data so that when your data is published, the queries you wrote to generate the graphs in that paper can readily be repeated by others (you know you want this!) and that it becomes possible to combine the data from one TEDDI project with that of another. This is a BYOD = Bring Your Own Dataset meeting. We will introduce you to the tools and techniques we have used, then help you to apply them to your data.

Who should attend?

This is a 24hr workshop, Tuesday pm and Wednesday am (28th and 29th March), with a networking dinner in the evening and will take place on campus at the University of Bath. Subsistence is covered by DM4T (for TEDDINET projects we'd like to limit this to 2 delegates/projects, but talk to us, if need be). If you are not part of a TEDDINET project, DM4T will also cover your subsistence costs.

To register, please email Caroline Hughes with the following information:

  1. Name, affiliation and project (if any)
  2. TEDDINET partner status
  3. Dietary requirements
  4. Attendance (28th or 29th or both)
  5. Accommodation: required or not

Who's speaking?

Coming soon...