Call for Papers

The emergence of open socio-technical systems raises a range of challenges and opportunities for research and technological development in the area of autonomous agents and multi-agent systems. In particular, human expectations about software behaviour - justified or not - significantly affect the evolution of human attitudes towards, acceptability of and creation of trust in such systems. Consequently, mechanisms that transmit representations of human values and how software can make decisions that respect them, are potentially significant for the effective design and construction of mixed human/software open systems.

Coordination, organizations, institutions and norms are four key governance elements for such systems, and the COIN workshops constitute a space for debate and exploration of these four elements in the design and use of open systems.

We seek to attract high-quality papers and an active audience to debate mathematical, logical, computational, methodological, implementational, philosophical and pragmatic issues related to the four aspects of COIN.

In particular we seek to attract:

  • papers that present formal treatment of topics,
  • papers that present interdisciplinary treatment of topics,
  • papers that provide experimental support to claims,
  • papers that discuss tools, prototypes and actual working systems,
  • papers that propose novel and challenging positions,
  • papers that report on the experience of deployment and application of regulated open MAS, and
  • papers concerned with modelling, animation and simulation techniques for these types of multi-agent systems.
Of particular interest for the workshop are those papers that articulate a challenging or innovative view.

COIN is ranked B on the CORE Conference Ranking list: