Update 2017-08-31

Post-proceedings published: see here for details

Update 2016-09-14

Post-proceedings process under way: see here for details

Update 2016-08-02

Programme and links to papers now available here

Update 2016-07-07

ECAI have extended the early registration deadline for workshops to 11th July at 13:00 CET. In order to qualify to this extension, one must be author of a workshop paper and must register through the website choosing the ‘payment by invoice’ option. Then they must notify ECAI administration (ecai2016@mci-group.com) and also the local organizers (Virginia Dignum M.V.Dignum@tudelft.nl) that they’ve registered under this conditions. A proper invoice with early fee prices will be then sent to the specified address.

Update 2016-06-28

COIN@ECAI and NorMAS@ECAI are merging! Accepted papers for NorMAS will be presented in a special session as part of the COIN workshop on August 30th.

Update 2016-06-28

List of accepted papers posted here

The COIN workshop series

Coordination, organizations, institutions and norms are four key elements in governance, and the COIN workshop series constitutes a space for debate and exploration of these four elements for the design and use of open systems. We seek to attract high-quality papers and an active audience to debate mathematical, logical, computational, methodological, implementation, philosophical and pragmatic issues related to the four aspects of COIN.

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