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For Academics

If you are teaching in the area of cognitive systems or want ideas for a curriculum then the Teaching Resources and Curriculum Project pages created as part of the Cognitive Systems Outreach project can be interesting for you. Your contribution would also be a useful resource for recommending an European wide curriculum.

Our project also aim to publish a popular science book on cognitive systems. Our primary target audience is middle- school students and teachers with a view to attracting more people to cognitive systems careers. We have also a flyer available with more information. Please feel free to forward this flyer to other academics that would be able to contribute.

Teaching Resources

We are currently compiling a list of universities that teach courses in the field of cognitive systems on our Study at University pages. If you teach any related courses at university level, please send us links to your study programmes and online resources (such as lecture notes, slides or past exam papers). You can also link to your course material on our Cognitive Systems Outreach Wiki under Teaching Resources.

Curriculum Project

To give you an idea of the relevant topics that we hope to find teaching resources for, we have assembled a Cognitive Systems List of Topics on our our Cognitive Systems Outreach Wiki. This list of topics is very much a work in progress. We hope that other researchers will modify it, build on it, argue over it, and develop it collaboratively into a useful shared resource. It will also provide a way of organising and indexing any teaching resources that lecturers in cognitive systems wish to share with their peers.

Useful links

If you would like to contribute or want more information please contact Veronica Sundstedt at the University of Bath on +44(0)778 0692 498 or v.sundstedt@cs.bath.ac.uk.

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