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An euCognition Network Action
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University of Bath
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Welcome to the world of cognitive systems!

The Cognitive Systems Outreach project is a network action funded by euCognition - The European Network for the Advancement of Artificial Cognitive Systems. The aim of this project is to promote the understanding of cognitive systems by:

(A) Assembling a Cognitive Systems curriculum and teaching resource wiki for higher education (undergraduate, masters and where possible PhD courses). We are finding and helping disseminate the current best practice from European courses (including summer schools etc).

(B) Publishing a popular science book and an accompanying web page based on interviews and media provided over the web by cognitive systems practitioners. Our primary target audience is middle- school students and teachers with a view to attracting more people to cognitive system careers. Extra attention is being given to attracting women and other currently-under-represented groups to the field.

(C) Conducting outreach and publicity to European and Global technology media, with a goal of establishing EU cognitive systems experts and projects as known resources.

Principle Investigator: Dr Joanna Bryson

Project Manager: Dr Dylan Evans

Outreach Officer: Dr Veronica Sundstedt

The design of this page was created by us. The photographs of the robots on our home page were taken at CogSys 2008. The left one is the iCub robot and the right one is the Armar III robot. Our pages also make use of Snap Shots which show extra content when using mouse over links.

If you would like to contribute or want more information please contact Veronica Sundstedt at the University of Bath on +44(0)778 0692 498 or v.sundstedt@cs.bath.ac.uk.

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