Bath AI Seminar Series: Fall 2005

This was the sixth term of our AI Seminar series.


The AI Seminar Series is also a research and discussion group.  Seminars are open to anyone in the vicinity who is interested in AI.  Notice of these talks and other things of potential interest to AI researchers are sent to the BAI Mailing List.  To join the list or read it's Archive just follow the links.

Past Seminars: Spring 2003, Summer 2003, Fall 2003, Spring 2004, Summer 2004, Fall 2004. Spring 2005.

The default day and time is Wednesday at 4:15, though there are exceptions. Please join the mailing list to keep up... If you are interested in speaking or inviting a speaker, please email Dr. Joanna Bryson.

Directions to Bath and a campus map.  Most talks are near computer science in 1W, which is just west of the library.

Associated Talk
Discussant / Host
7 Oct. 16.15 1W 2.7 [GTA]      Integrating Life-Like Action Selection into Cycle-Based Agent Simulation Environments (plus a quick introduction to BOD & POSH)   Joanna Bryson
14 Oct.            
21 Oct.            
28 Oct.   Postdated         Julain Padget
4 Nov. 2:15pm     Prof. Roberto Desimone tea & coffee after the department seminar in the SCR    Exploiting AI technologies for network-enabled defence programmes (part 2) Joanna Bryson
11 Nov. 16.15-17.15     Dr.R. Beau Lotto  To be announced.  MOSAIC WORLD: Evolving A-Life Agents in an Ecologically Relevant Coloured Environment Joanna Bryson
18 Nov.            
20 Nov. 19:00
Bengal Brasserie

Tino Schmidt AI and Philosophy Dinner-Discussion

Hagen Lehmann
21 Nov. 16.15 1WN 3.10   Tino Schmidt Intentionality without consciousness -- How does the brain create the feeling of agentic causation?   Hagen Lehmann
25 Nov. 1W2.7, 3:15pm     Dr. John Robinson Motion-Picture Parsing and Summarization    John Collomosse
Tuesday 06 Dec. 10:15 - 12:05: 2E3.5
12:15 - 14:05: 3E3.8
    Knowledge Representation and Reasoning Seminar II   Dr Marina De Vos
Wednesday 07 Dec. 16.15-17.15 1W 2.7   Gina Raihani An alternative approach to understanding dominance hierarchies and territorial behaviour in animals: Relationships of dominance and submission in Serengeti spotted-hyenas, and territorial plasticity in male American Rubyspot damselflies.    Joanna Bryson
12 Dec. 1W 3.20a    mince pies   Coalitions in MAS     Julian Padget  
16 Dec.            
23 Dec.            
30 Dec.            

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