Bath AI Seminar Series: Spring 2007

This was the seventh term of our AI Seminar series.


The AI Seminar Series is also a research and discussion group.  Seminars are open to anyone in the vicinity who is interested in AI.  Notice of these talks and other things of potential interest to AI researchers are sent to the BAI Mailing List.  To join the list or read it's Archive just follow the links.

Past Seminars: Spring 2003, Summer 2003, Fall 2003, Spring 2004, Summer 2004, Fall 2004. Spring 2005. Spring 2005 Spring 2006

The default day and time is Wednesday at 4:15, though there are exceptions. Please join the mailing list to keep up... If you are interested in speaking or inviting a speaker, please email Dr. Joanna Bryson.

Directions to Bath and a campus map.  Most talks are near computer science in 1W, which is just west of the library.

Date Location Guest(s) Topic
22 Jan, 13:15 1W 3.36 Prof Henrik Jensen,Imperial College The Tangled Nature model: a study of dynamics and community structure within a model of collective-evolution
9 Feb, 2:15 3W 3.7 Oliver Kullmann
15 Feb, 1:15 1W 3.36 Joanna Bryson Why information can be free: the evolution of communication and its impact on language
1 Mar, 1:15 1W 3.36 Mike Bonsall (Zoology, Oxford) Ecology and evolution of resource-consumer dynamics
2 Mar, 2:15 W 3.7 Nello Cristianini Patterns Everywhere
5 Mar,1:15 1W 3.6 Jukka-Pekka Onnela Structure and tie strengths in large-scale
social networks
9 Mar, 10:15 3E 2.9 Carl O'Dwyer A new way to detect mutual information between spike trains
9 Mar, 2:15 3W 3.7 Armando Geller Agent-based modelling of conflict in Afghanistan
23 Mar, 10:15 3E 2.9 Alex Smardak (Physics) Attempts at Bath to make spiking neurons in silicon (or parts of them)
18 May 2:15 3W 3.7 Metin Sezgin Temporal Sketch Recognition and Sketch Based Interfaces
23 May 4:15 1 WN 3.11 John Lazarus Cooperation in Adversity and Uncertainty: Some evolutionary models
8 Jun, all day! 6E 2.1 UWE, Bristol Math Comp Biol Day
6 July 1 WN 3.11 Alison Pease A theory of grounded axiomatisation
16 July 3W 3.9 Nicholas Butko Learning to Learn
25 October 1W 2.8A Philipp Rohlfshagen Molecular Algorithms for Evolutionary Computation

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