Bath AI Seminar Series: Spring 2005

This was the sixth term of our AI Seminar series.


The AI Seminar Series is also a research and discussion group.  Seminars are open to anyone in the vicinity who is interested in AI.  Notice of these talks and other things of potential interest to AI researchers are sent to the BAI Mailing List.  To join the list or read it's Archive just follow the links.

Past Seminars: Spring 2003, Summer 2003, Fall 2003, Spring 2004, Summer 2004, Fall 2004.

The default day and time is Wednesday at 4:15, though there are exceptions. Please join the mailing list to keep up... If you are interested in speaking or inviting a speaker, please email Dr. Joanna Bryson.

Directions to Bath and a campus map.  Most talks are near computer science in 1W, which is just west of the library.

Associated Talk
Discussant / Host
16 February, 4:15
1WN 3.12
Crossmodal Processing in the Human Brain: Insights from Functional Neuroimaging Studies Gemma Calvert How the brain combines information across the senses
J. Bryson
2 March

No BAI meeting really Can Computers Model Reality
Millenium Lecture
9 March
1W 2.8a

Dylan Evans, Adrian Bowyer
Running a Robot BSc
How to Destroy Manufacturing Industry Worldwide
J. Bryson
11 March
3E 2.2

Colin Frayn AI in Computer Chess Evolutionary strategies in the game of Monopoly Richard McKinley
16 March
1W 2.6

AI Web Pages

J. Padget
J. Bryson
23 March

30 March

Field trip: Bristol Zoo

H. Lehmann
8 April

Ivana Cace,
Lisbeth Frølunde
Designing learning materials for animation filmmaking Why Information can be Free
J. Bryson
13 April


20 April 4:15pm
JB's office

Doing stats with R

H. Lehmann
3W 3.9

Ruth Aylett Letting go - the case for emergent narrative
Running scared, learning to care: two affective agent architectures J. Bryson
6 May
3W 3.9

James Marshall Explanations for Cooperation:  A Tale of Two Theories
AH-HA: a Decentralised Decision Algorithm for Noisy and Costly Environments J. Bryson
11 May

CMB: The evolution of oscillatory behaviour in age-structured species
18 May
1W 2.25

Specifying and
Analysing Agent-based Social Institutions using Answer Set Programming
Programming Rational Agent Groups
(Friday dept. sem.)
O. Cliffe
25 May
1W 3.10B

Deb Roy Gets Unreal

M. Wood
1 June
1W 3.10B

AI / Robot Movie Night

J. Bryson
8 June
1WN  3.10

GECCO practice talk

J. Drugowitsch

Animal Social Learning

22 June 4:15
1WN 3.10

Andrew Salatu
Industrial Seminar

J. Bryson

AI at Bath