Bath AI Seminar Series: Spring 2004

This was the fourth term of our AI Seminar series.


The AI Seminar Series is also a research and discussion group.  Seminars are open to anyone in the vicinity who is interested in AI.  Notice of these talks and other things of potential interest to AI researchers are sent to the BAI Mailing List.  To join the list or read it's Archive just follow the links.

Past Seminars: Spring 2003, Summer 2003, Fall 2003.

Like last term, we will be oscillating between Wednesday and Friday, but mostly Wednesday.  Hopefully this term will be all 4:15 as well. Join the mailing list to keep up... If you are interested in speaking --- or inviting a speaker! please email Dr. Joanna Bryson.

Associated Talk
Jan 28
1WN 3.12

This term's projects
Bryson, Tanguy, Woods, Carnell

J. Bryson
4 Feb
1W 3.10b

This term's projects II
Padget, De Vos, Brains, Cliffe

J. Bryson
11 Feb

16 Feb
8W 1.1

Robin Dunbar
Millenium Lecture (Chemistry)
The Evolution of the Social Brain

Feb 27,
1W 3.6

Jeremy Wyatt
Why disagreement is a good thing in Neural Net ensembles
Exploration in Reinforcement Learning
J. Bryson
3 March
4E 2.36 (meet for tour)

Adrian Bowyer
Cool stuff to do with VR in Mech. Eng.

J. Bryson
10 March
4E 2.36 (meet for tour)

Adrian Bowyer
Return to Mech. Eng.:
Cool stuff that isn't VR

J. Bryson
17 March

24 March
8W 2.30

Language Needs A 2nd Order Representations + A Rich Memetic Substrate
practice talk for Evolution of Language
J. Bryson
31 March

7 April


16 April 4:15 1WN 3.11
Angus Buckling and Tim Taylor
Experimental coevolution
Engineering the Evolution of Complex Agents
T. Taylor
23 April
Will Chesters
Markov Chain Monte Carlo In Practice ... In Practice
related book, not talk. W. Lowe
28 April
Lib 2.27

Practical Things

J. Bryson
5 May 8:30pm Parade Bar

AI Today (at Bath) Tomorrow's People(Susan Greenfield)

12 May 4:15 1W 2.6

Vision Things

P. Hall
21 May 4:15pm 1W 3.6
Tony Prescott
More about the brain... maybe the Basal Ganglia
Robotic investigations of the functional architecture of the vertebrate brain J. Bryson
28 May
1WN 3.10
Jon Williamson
Further details on objective bayesian nets
Objective Bayesian Nets

Next term: William Megill 14 June
paper for us after Ivana gets here: Understanding Why --- Dissecting Radical Islamist Terrorism with Agent-Based Simulation

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