Bath AI Seminar Series: Spring 2003

This was the first term of our AI Seminar series!


The AI Seminar Series is actually more often a reading and discussion group.  Often our talks will be linked to the Computer Science Department Seminars.  This series started for the first time in February of 2003. If you are interested in attending or speaking, please email Dr. Joanna Bryson.

Associated Talk
14 Feb

21 Feb
Keith Stenning
Starting Up, Logic and human reasoning
Logic and psychology in the study of human reasoning: a study in disciplinary relativism.   8W 2.11 at 2.15

28 Feb
1W 2.22
Intelligence Without Representation
John Fox
Representation, Emergence
None, but today's CS talk is relevant to last week's topic.
J Bryson
7 March
1W 2.22
To Modularize or Not to Modularize?
John Bullinaria
Evolution, Modularity, Modelling NI using neural networks & evolutionary algorithms
Evolutionaly Optimization of Neural Network Systems
8W 2.13 at 2.15
John Bullinaria
14 March
1 W 2.22
Rationality and Intelligence

Thor List
Rationality, Intelligence & Machine learning
None, but Thor's CS talk will be on AI / VR middleware.
W Lowe
21 March
none, unless Terry Payne comes.
Should the AI seminar talk about theory or  current research?
The semantic web talk might come up.
J Bryson, O Cliffe
28 March
1 W 2.22
The evolution of optimism...
Motivational Bias, agent-based modelling
none, but don't miss Barbara Webb's talk on the 25th.
A Heuvelin
25 April
SCR, possibly moving to 1W 2.22
Learning About Multiple Objects in Images: Factorial Learning without Factorial Search
Chris Williams
machine learning and maybe vision
Learning About Multiple Objects in Images: Factorial Learning without Factorial Search
2 May
1 W 2.22 at 3:45!

Emotions and VR characters
None, but I'm sure  Peter Gradwell's will be interesting!
Emmanuel Tanguay

Unfortunately, I lost the final version of this chart!  The following are reconstructions from the department seminar page & the BAI abstracts  directory...

16 May

Conflict Resolution in Monkeys, Agents and Modules and My Future Research (Annerike's parting talk!)

Joanna Bryson and Annerieke Heuvelink
23 May

Brian Logan
Using VR games as a test environment for intelligent agents.
Distributed simulation of agent-based systems using HLA
J. Bryson
30 May

Andrew Carnell

An overview of an implementation of the neocognitron
for hand-written character recognition

W. Lowe
11 June

Alan Parsons and Richard Heal of QinetiQ

Live Laboratory Networks of Neuronal and Cardiac Cells, and
their Applications

J. Bryson & the good folks from CMB
13 June

Simon Kirby
Modelling the evolution of language.
Iterated Learning - a Computational Approach to Language and Culture
J. Bryson
20 June


27 June

Will Lowe
I think we got him to talk about the statistical learning of semantics / semantic nets from large corpra.
Statistical methods for avoiding work: Some new evaluation techniques for computational linguistics
J. Bryson

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