- Bath Artificial Intelligence


The SIREN Project: A Serious Game about Interpersonal Conflict

Tuesday 29th Jan, 5:15pm, 1W 2.7

Conflict is an unavoidable feature of life, but the development of conflict management skills can help the parties involved to resolve their conflicts in a constructive manner. The goal of the SIREN project is to develop a serious game in which children can experiment with conflict resolution strategies and learn how to work towards constructive conflict outcomes. While serious games related to conflict exist at present, our work represents the first attempt to teach conflict resolution skills through a game in a manner informed by sociological and psychological theories of conflict and current best practice for conflict resolution. In this paper, we present a computational approach to conflict generation and resolution. We describe the five phases involved in our conflict modeling process: conflict situation creation, conflict detection, player modeling and conflict strategy prediction, conflict management, and conflict resolution, and discuss the three major elements of our player model: assertiveness, cooperativeness, and relationship. Finally, we overview a simple resource management game we have developed in which we have begun experimenting with our conflict model concepts. This talk is relevant to artificial intelligence researchers in that the final game will incorporate modules for emotion recognition and dynamic content generation.