Mechanisms of Action Selection

A Special Issue of: Adaptive Behavior

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Guest Editor: Joanna Bryson

REresubmission deadline: 1 November 2006 
All secondary reviews & decisions have been sent out.
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Action selection is one of the core problems of both artificial and natural intelligence.  Action selection is an agent's continuous problem of choosing what to do next.  This problem may be seen as occurring concurrently on many levels of abstraction in parallel (as in a dynamical systems model of intelligence) or it may be considered to be a special problem of ordering abstract actions into a sequence (as has historically been the case for AI planning).

With this special issue, we hope to advance the state of the art in both understanding and producing action selection.   We seek examples of working mechanisms for action selection which have been evaluated with respect to other action-selection mechanisms and/or by comparison with the behaviour of natural systems.  We are particularly interested in complete systems situated in complex, dynamic environments with a need to arbitrate between multiple, conflicting goals.  We are also willing to consider analytic papers with strong reviews of natural and/or artificial action selection.

Adaptive Behavior is the leading journal for reporting research on the synthesis of natural and artificial intelligence.  With an ISI impact factor of 1.913 (2004) it is a respected forum for furthering the understanding of intelligent behaviour.  This special issue will accept approximately 8 papers of between 10-20 journal pages each.  See the web-site of the Adaptive Behavior ( for further instructions.  Latex submissons are encouraged, please use the standard article style with (Author YEAR) citing style and an APA-like bibliography.

If you intend to submit a paper, please send a tentative title and abstract to the guest editor, Joanna Bryson, right away. This will help to speed up the selection of reviewers. If you are uncertain whether your paper would satisfy the topic of this special issue, or if you wish further information, please contact the guest editor.

Notes for those doing revise & resubmit not for this issue:
Sorry, but I'm putting most of my time into the papers that did get in, so I haven't handed these all over to Peter Todd yet.  I should do before 15 October.  If you don't hear from Peter by November please email me.

Notes for those submitting final versions for this issue:

Please note that there was some delay in getting the second set of reviews out to succesful candidates, but these are now accompanied by editorial comments too so hopefully we will now skip an iteration for most people.  Please send your revisions ASAP so they come staggered --- the below are just (absolute!) deadlines.  I will try to turn around your submissions within a week of receiving them from this point in.  Note that you may need to set aside a few hours to get the paper into submission format if it is not already.

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