Artificial Models of Natural Intelligence

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General Information

The AmonI (pronounced /-mn-i/) project at Bath is dedicated to understanding human and animal intelligence through the use of simulation and modelling.  Our strategy is to actively engage in research in the natural and social sciences while simultaneously using these experiences and our knowledge as engineers to develop software tools and AI techniques. The result is leading research in both natural and artificial intelligence.  Our goals are:
  1. to maintain an active, publishing research group in the study of natural intelligence,
  2. to provide research platforms and other AI tools which are accessible to students and researchers, including those in the social and behavioural sciences, and
  3. to ensure the ethical application of AI, both through
    1. public engagement, and
    2. facilitating the engineering of accountable and transparent AI that is, making it easier to make AI that the public can understand and maintain.

Current Research

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There are many mailing lists now at Bath relating to artificial and natural intelligence

We have not been very good in recent years of keeping track of all of our seminars we hope to improve in 2019!  Here are a few older lists:

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