Artificial Models of Natural Intelligence

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Current Research

This is an overview of current AmonI research projects.  For previous projects (some of which we are still interested in) see Older Research.  Our policy is to publish software as soon as the archival journal article comes out that it supports. That software is available on the AmonI software page.  See also our seminar series listed on our home page.

Ethics:  Robot Ethics, AI Ethics and Policy

Systems Engineering of AI (includes Making NI Modelling Easier)

  • Joanna Bryson designed a methodology for building complex AI systems called Behavior Oriented Design (BOD).  We are use this both for some of our more complicated modelling (see task learning & social behaviour below) and for cognitive systems development more generally (see further below).
  • Andreas Theodorou is working to improve a real-time editor for BOD, ABODE. His version has a real-time debugging capacity, and is called ABOD3.
  • Another aspect of this research is our work on improving the representation of life-like artificial intelligence emotions.  A number of these systems are available on the AmonI Software Page, see also Older Research.

Societies and Cultural Evolution

  • Paul Rauwolf is interested in self deception, and has as a result done a lot of fascinating research on trust, gossip, and various biases. We are now extending this work (with Holly Wilson) to look at how intelligent technology can alter society.
  • Will Lowe studies political science using computational linguistics to determine policy dynamics.
  • We are trying to find time to continue working with Sam Brown and Yifei Wang on bacterial social behaviour and communication.
  • Joanna Bryson with Will Lowe, Ivana Cace & Avri Biolovich are working on understanding the evolutionary consequences of the altruistic communication of behaviour -- that is, culture.
  • Joanna Bryson, in collaboration with Avri Bilovich, Tim McFarlane, Arvind Naraynan, Aylin Caliskan, and Will Lowe, has worked on human semantics and how our knowledge (including our negative biases or stereotypes) are communicated via ordinary language.

Biological Evolution and Individual Learning

  • We have been interested in the Baldwin Effect, the evolution of cognition, and its impact on social behaviour for some time. Unfortunately right now most of this work is presently on the older research project page, but hopefully it will come back here.
  • Joanna Bryson and Nick Priest were working on epistasis and  (understanding the evolution of sex in terms of gene stability) for a long time. Bryson started this work with Alastair Fletcher & Steve Dorus. Marios Richards and Priest extended this work to look specifically at compensatory mutation, and Yifei Wang wound up taking over this project and getting it really working.

Cognitive Systems:  Robots, intelligent spaces, VR Avatars and Computer Game Characters

Not all of our applications are strictly scientific.
  • Andreas Theodorou is working on how computer games can be used to improve performance on public goods tasks, in collaboration with Bryn Bandt-Law (Washington), Alin Coman (Princeton) and Mark Riedl (Georgia Tech).
  • Rob Wortham did a PhD on making AI more transparent, particularly for robotics, and is still working in this area.
  • Bidan Huang did a great recent PhD on dexterous cognitive robotics with our collaborators in Aude Billard's laboratory at EPFL.