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Artificial Models of Natural Intelligence

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Funding and Industrial Support

AmonI gratefully acknowledges the following support:

The Limits of Transparency for Humanoid Robotics

  • AXA Award Research Project, Joanna Bryson award recipient and PI.
  • Supports Bryson (10%), Natalia Rodriguez Dominguez (10%), a postdoc to be named (2019), and two robots; 20172020.

Cultural Variation in Anti-Social Punishment

  • US Air Force Office of Scientific Research grant, Joanna Bryson PI.
  • Supported Karolina Sylwester, Pablo Lucas, Simon Powers, and James Mitchell; 2010-2012.

PlanEx: Bridging Planning and Execution

  • Czech Science Foundation, Roman Barta ́k PI, Cyril Brom and Pavel Surynek co-PIs, Joanna Bryson named International Co-operator.
  • 2010-2015.

Cognitive Systems Outreach

The Impact of Durative Variable State on the Design and Control of Action Selection

Dynamics of Spiking Neural Nets

  • EPSRC grant, Dan Richardson PI.
  • Supported Andrew Carnell and Carl O'Dwyer.

Small Grants

  • EPSRC summer research bursary supported Kingsley Jarrett, 2010.
  • Nuffield Foundation Undergraduate Research Bursary supported Avri Bilovich, 2005.
  • British Council Alliance: Franco-British Partnership Programme, supported travel to / collaboration with Benard Thierry 2005-2006.
  • BBSRC conference funding, supported Modeling Natural Action Selection, 2005.

Industrial Support

  • Elzware provides natural language support for one of the EE-FAS demos.
  • An anonymous industrial funder provided a contract for building ABODE

University of Bath and/or Department of Computer Science PhD studentships

  • Swen Gaudl
  • Bidan Huang (overseas fees & tuition)
  • Jekaterina Novikova
  • Paul Rauwolf (overseas fees & tuition)
  • Emmanuel Tanguy
  • Daniel Taylor
  • Andreas Theodorou
  • Yifei Wang
  • Mark Wood
See also Bryson's Funding Acknowledgements.