Proof Theory Meeting in Bath
6–8 July 2006

People and Dates

plus the locals:


6 July 2006

10–12:10    Kai Brünnler

12:10–12:30    Lutz Straßburger

14–15:00    Alessio Guglielmi

15–16:00    Kai Brünnler

16–17:00    Robert Rothenberg

17–17:15    François Lamarche

7 July 2006

9:30–10:30    Max Schäfer

10:30–11:15    Ozan Kahramanogullari

11:15–12:15    Mark Price

12:15–13:00    Birgit Elbl

14:30–15:15    Stéphane Lengrand

15:15–16:00    Lutz Straßburger

16:00–17:00    François Lamarche

8 July 2006

11:00–12:30    François Lamarche

The meeting then moved to the lawns by the pond, where several football and verbal matches took place.


The initial meeting is on 6.7.06 at 9:30 in room 3E 4.17.

The following rooms are reserved:

The rooms are equipped with overhead projector and whiteboard, and a computer projector on request.

It's not straightforward to find the rooms, you need a campus map, and I suggest you access the campus from the main entrance, the stairway north of 4E; this gives access to the parade, from which you can access all the buildings, at their second level (the rooms I reserved are on the fourth and third level).

Instructions on how to get to the University of Bath.

Suggested accommodation: here.

Bath is a city full of interesting people.

16.7.2006    Alessio Guglielmi    email