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Vision Video and Graphics (VVG)
EPSRC Summer School 2007

VVG Summer School - Syllabus

The Summer School covers a broad range of topics spanning contemporary Vision, Video and Graphics research delivered by researchers active in those fields.

An Industry Perspective on VVG Research
Oliver Grau, BBC R&D

Content Based Retrieval
Andrew Zisserman, Oxford University

Non-photorealism from Images
Andrew J. Bangham, University of East Anglia

Physically based Simulation
Miguel Otaduy, ETH Zurich

Geometric Model Acquisition
Steve Maybank, Birbeck College

Light and Shadow
Graham Finlayson, University of East Anglia

Richard Bowden, University of Surrey

Image based rendering and camera
Andrew Fitzgibbon, Microsoft Research

Advanced Interaction
John Robinson, York

Motion Capture
Aphrodite Galata, University of Manchester

Statistical Models and Methods
Andrew Blake, Microsoft Research

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