Linux on a Dell D600


The machine

My machine has something like the following spec:

The good

The Bad

The following things definately don't work:

The ugly

The following things are untested

Other Comments

Battery life is good even without speedstep, I have a spare battery, while i haven't done any specific tests it seems to last a reasonably long time (5-6 hours at least)

The Power supply is totally OBSCENE I mean really its much bigger than any laptop PSU I've seen in a few years, boo hiss. It is about 1.5''x6.5''x3''. and quite heavy. for a Balanced portability laptop this is really really bad.

The Hard drive (south west of the keyboard) runs quite warm, and this propogates through the casing, it is not uncomfortably hot, but it is quite noticible, I estimate the surface temperature rises to maybe 30-35 deg Celcius.

The screen gets dirty all the time. The screen rests direcly on the keys when the lid is closed, they and the nipple point thingy leave marks on the screen which have to be wiped off (quite vigerously) most times you use it. Also the sscreen has a bright spot, just below where the nipple touches it (just south of center)

Owen Cliffe May 2003